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IT'S HERE!!!!!
With the recent demand for Cotton (White), we made it as fast as we could... 
and we made too much! So our customers get to benefit. Fives of Cotton are priced to move, but this price only lasts as long as the inventory does - SO ACT FAST!

The all new addition to the Synergy Inks, NexGen Series...
NexGen Poly

The white ink you've been waiting for. Our new Poly has outperformed ALL OTHER WHITES in head-to-head testing
including Cotton-Only Whites.

Get some today, and see what everyone's been talking about.

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NexGen Poly (5 Gal)
Your Price: $464.60
Sale Price: $418.14
Savings: $46.46 (10 %)
NexGen Poly (5 Gal)
NexGen Poly White
NexGen Poly (GAL)
Your Price: $101.00
Sale Price: $90.90
Savings: $10.10 (10 %)
NexGen Poly (GAL)
NexGen Poly White
Pricing for NexGen Poly is introductory and subject to change.
All sale pricing is for a limited time only.

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