Why have you changed your list prices?
Our initial list prices were intentionally left on the high side. When we did our market research, we found that ink pricing was not only extremely variable, in many cases it appeared somewhat random. As such, we really did not have enough information to set accurate pricing. We felt that having higher published list pricing with greater discounts would ensure that we would not need to have a price increase right away. The unintentional consequence, however, was that our customers were concerned about how high the prices would go when we took the discounts away. We understand that our customers need to have a predictable price range they can count on. As such, we have lowered all of our list prices based on the market research we have gathered. You can be confident when buying, even at a discount, that you know the accurate "non-sale price" of the ink at all times. This is not to say that we will never have a price increase, but there is no intention to increase list prices any time in the near future.
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Do I have to pay for my ink with a credit card?
No. You are welcome to pre-pay with a check. Once your check is received, we will process the order. We are also in the process of setting up PayPal, so that will be an option in the near future.
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I am interested in buying large quantities at one time, what should I do?
Please contact us at or 630-352-3229 to discuss the details of your company.
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What is the meaning behind “Synergy Inks”?
Our inks are a hybrid—the collaboration of the laboratory and the production floor. A “Synergistic” merger of the best chemical ingredients and insight into what the printer needs and wants on-press. This coupled with the understanding of how the ink gets from the top of the screen to the garment provides a balanced approach to plastisol inks. It is easy for ink manufacturers to focus exclusively on the chemistry and forget that the reason printers buy an ink is based on how it performs, not the science. Our name is a reminder to us, and to our customers, that there must be Synergy between the two for mutual success.
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I am loyal to my local ink distributor. Can I buy your products through him?
Thank you for your consideration and for the compliment but currently we sell our products directly only. We are in negotiation at this time for domestic distributions rights. Meanwhile we hope if ever you choose to favor our products and company you will be just as loyal.
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You guys have the best white, black, and base I’ve seen; and MAGIC is amazing. Why not make colors?
We feel it is better to do a few things better than anyone else than to try to be everything to everyone. There are a few Ink-Titans in the industry who can supply a good color at a fair price.
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For questions regarding large quantity purchase or any other questions, please contact us, e-mail to, or call  (630) 352-3229.
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