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Company Announcement regarding the health of Joe Clarke Sr:

We have received many comments and questions regarding the health status of Joe Sr. It is with a heavy heart that we let everyone know that Joe has been busy battling cancer. He has put up a good fight, but the time has come to let nature take its course. Since the initial diagnosis in 2014 there have been a variety of ups and downs, but as anyone who knows Joe would expect, his unwavering optimism has allowed him to remain active, happy, and grateful throughout this time. Unfortunately, the cancer has continued to spread and Joe’s health has slowly declined. Joe continues with treatment to keep him as active and comfortable as possible, but continuing to work full time is no longer a practical option. Joe will be officially stepping back from his roles with Clarke Product Renovation & Synergy Inks and focusing on spending his remaining time with family and friends. Our company has always been a family business, and that has never been more accurate than now. With the help of our families, we will continue to provide the squeegee and ink products as we have for more than a decade. All product, commercial, or technical questions can be directed to for inks and for blades. Thank you all for your continued support. Your business has allowed Joe to continue doing what he loves most, helping people find better and more profitable ways to screen print and making lifelong friendships. We look forward to continuing to do business as always Joe has, with the customer needs at the forefront of every decision. [If you would like to send Joe a personal message of support, please post to the Synergy Inks Facebook page and we will make sure Joe gets the message.]
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