If you don’t know what ink I am using, how can you be sure MAGIC is compatible with my ink system?
At its core, MAGIC is not so much an additive as it is a plastisol ink that has been modified chemically to be utilized as an additive. Therefore, the core chemistry is completely compatible with any and all plastisol inks. So we do not have to know what ink you are using. If you are using a plastisol, MAGIC will be completely compatible with your ink.
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How much MAGIC is too-much to add?
MAGIC is completely curable with excellent durability the same as NexGen Black, Base and Cotton. So you can add between 1% and 99% without compromising performance or durability. The limit is dictated by the level of opacity required for your given application. For more details on the appropriate starting points for adding MAGIC to remedy most commonplace ink issues see the Product Data Sheet (PDS).
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Magic Product Data Sheet (PDS)
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