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NexGen Base (5 Gal)

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  • Transparent & opaque colors from the SAME BASE!
  • Print solids & halftones - ONE INK... ONE SCREEN!
  • Prints first down without flashing - WET ON WET
  • No gloss - smooth/matte finish

Synergy Phthalate Free NexGen Base is the most versatile base on the market. Chemically formulated to be clean enough for the most highly saturated transparent colors; while dense enough for your highest opacity colors. NexGen Base also allows you to print solid areas while still holding fine details/halftones on the same screen - ONE INK... ONE SCREEN! As an added bonus, when you make your colors with NexGen Base, you can step on them wet, wtih minimal to no build-up and get that smooth matte finish your more fashion concious customers are looking for. By using NexGen Base, you can instantly increase your press capacity with fewer flashes, one screen per color, and halftones & solids on the same screen. All this, while getting more accurate color matches and improved finish on your prints. How can you go wrong?

***Note: The properties listed for inks made with NexGen Base are assuming that proper recipes and pigment percentages have been used to make the color. All of the base properties can be negated if the amount of pigment dispersion added exceeds proper levels and thus overpowers the base properties. NexGen Base should always be used with proper published recipes, or proven recipes that have pigment concentrate levels within the capacity of NexGen Base.

For more detailed product information, check out the Product Data Sheet.
Pigment Addition: All properties assume proper pigment percentages
Size: 5 gal.
Compatibility: 100% Compatible with current pigment/ink systems
Build-up: Minimal build-up
Composition: 100% solids, phthalate, solvent, & formaldehyde free
Item Number: SYN-PFP-NGB:5

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