NexGen Black (5 Gal)

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  • Prints first down without flashing - WET ON WET
  • Print solids & halftones - ONE INK... ONE SCREEN!
  • No gloss - smooth/matte finish

Synergy Phthalate Free NexGen Black is a printer's dream. Ever thought how nice it would be if you could print your black first, then white (or other colors) on top - without flashing? With NexGen Black you can step on it wet, wtih minimal to no build-up. Do you always have separate screens or even separate black inks when printing solid black areas and halftones or details? NexGen Black pritnts solid areas while still holding fine details/halftones on the same screen - ONE INK... ONE SCREEN! It also gives you that smooth matte finish that you are looking for on your more fashion driven prints. NexGen Black is the most complete & versatile black ink on the market. 

For more detailed product information, check out the Product Data Sheet.
Color: Black
Size: 5 gal.
Compatibility: 100% Compatible with current pigment/ink systems
Build-up: Minimal build-up
Composition: 100% solids, phthalate, solvent, & formaldehyde free
Item Number: SYN-PFP-NGK:5

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