NexGen Base

You claim that your base is more transparent & more opaque than competitive products which are solely for one or the other. How is that possible?
NexGen Base chemistry was formulated for maximum clarity to handle the most transparent colors. The fluid properties were designed to maximize printed opacity. By balancing the two, you can use one base for all of your pigment mixing and simplify life in the ink room and on-press.
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I am considering changing my color matching system. Should I hold off on switching my base to NexGen Base until I make the switch? How will have to adjust my color formulas when I make the switch?
There is no reason to wait on switching to NexGen Base. When you make the switch, you can expect clearer transparent colors, more robust opaque colors, and dead on color matches regardless of which system you are using at that point. You will not need to make any changes from the formulas for the specific system to implement NexGen Base, with only one exception. We have run into cases where formulas have been adjusted from the manufacturer’s formula to accommodate the variance with their current base. In those cases, customers have gone back to the original formula and found a much better color match than they were getting with their “adjusted” formula.
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Is NexGen Base “soft hand”?
It sure is, even more so when it is printed in a thin deposit at high speed. Observation indicates “hand” or handle is a loose composite of 1) drape 2) surface texture and 3) “plasticky-feel” based on the ink film thickness. NexGen series inks conform to the knit, print with a smooth surface, and feel bone-dry. We think you are going to love the hand!
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NexGen Base, is it well suited to simulated-process printing?
Absolutely, NexGen Base is more transparent and at the same time allows more opacity, it prints razor sharp plus it loves to be stepped-on.
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NexGen Base Product Data Sheet (PDS)
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