NexGen Cotton

Is NexGen Cotton the “all-purpose” white ink I have been waiting for?
It depends on your definition of “all-purpose”. NexGen Cotton, as the name indicates is a 100% Cotton White for direct printing on 100% Cotton T-shirts. Used in that way, NexGen Cotton has proven to print both the best underbases and hi-light whites in the business.
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I have read online that NexGen Cotton can be printed at a speed of 10 on my press. How can that be?
The fastest presses on the market run at a max speed of 40”/second and NexGen Cotton White prints beautifully at that speed. For more information on why a faster stroke speed is a good thing, see the Synergy Ink – Technical Details FAQ section with questions on Hi-Speed printing above.
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We have many customers who require a perfect white print, but they are on a budget, so they give us the cheapest black shirts they can find to work with. Can your NexGen Cotton hold up to that?
We have run many on-press trials of our white ink, throughout the development process. In order to keep our costs down AND to give the ink a true test, we bought the trashiest and cheapest tubes we could find. If you’ve found a material that is worse, please send us the information so that we can use that for all our future ink testing.
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My customers demand “WHITE!” I often have to do PFPFP and sometimes PFPFPF or use revolver mode to get that “WHITE” they want. Will NexGen Cotton help me eliminate some of these multiple hits?
Absolutely! NexGen Cotton is designed to bridge and matte-down, eliminating fibrillation, and providing a smooth surface, even on the cheapest of shirt. This should allow you to eliminate one or more hits. The worst we have found in our testing is PFP to get that “WHITE” that everyone is looking for.
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I like using a gray underbase, should I mix your NexGen Cotton & NexGen Black?
You can, but we wouldn’t recommend it. We think you fill find that NexGen Cotton, straight out of the can, will give you an underbase that you will be thrilled to print on top of, without any changes to your setup. If you want to really dial it in, you can use a higher mesh count or sharper blade and eventually the underbase will be so thin it will appear gray – no mixing required.
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Do I need to have a cool-down station for NexGen Cotton?
Maybe…NexGen Cotton has the driest finish and flashes at higher speeds or lower temperatures than most. What will force you to use a cool-down is excessive or inconsistent deposit, over-flashing or both. If you are used to printing a sticky white [not NexGen Cotton] try less angle, a firmer blade or a finer mesh and cut the flash time or temp.
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How is the fibrillation with NexGen Cotton?
Even under the most adverse conditions, cheap garment with the shortest staple lengths, NexGen Cotton helps prevent fibrillation. Don’t forget NexGen Cotton can run at top press speeds which is a key to matte-down and controlling fibrillation, especially on a cheap shirt.
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How long will it take me to learn how use NexGen Cotton?
We estimate about 5 minutes to read the Product Data Sheet (PDS), 2 minutes to open the container, plus 1 ½ seconds for the print stroke. So about 8 ½ minutes or less.
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Are you going to insist I mix your white before I go to press?
NOPE! We would never tell you how to print. Though you may find it helpful to mix it before putting it in the screen, you don’t have to. We have a very low yield point which means about 4 or 5 fast-passes (strike-offs) and NexGen Cotton White will be flowing consistently.
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I use my current white to make my own pastels. Can I do that with NexGen Cotton?
Absolutely! You will find that you are able to get the fluid properties that you undoubtedly already enjoy when printing NexGen Cotton, with the pastel you make.
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Our press has a V-Squeegee assembly and it seems that only very few – if any – whites print well on my press. Will your NexGen Cotton work better than my current white?
The fluid properties of most whites makes them very difficult to print with that press configuration. We have formulated NexGen Cotton to print more effectively and efficiently on ALL presses.
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How can I tell if NexGen Cotton is cured?
All temperature data can be found in the Product Data Sheet (PDS).
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Can I add curable reducer to NexGen Cotton?
NO! We have found most of these highly plasticized additives are plenty curable but cause a major sacrifice in durability. NexGen Cotton has a very soft hand, so we suggest you first try it with your current press settings. We think you might find you get an even softer print than you were hoping for. If you still aren’t where you need to be, then try a more rigid blade and higher mesh count.
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Will your [NexGen Cotton] White look better if I use a “lint screen”? TB
Certainly it will, what you are asking is will NexGen Cotton print better on a higher quality surface and the answer is “yes”. However with a high-fill mesh, suitable blade and optimal press settings you won’t likely need to use a conditioning screen.
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When will you have a white ink for poly?
We knew it would be most effective and efficient to finalize on NexGen Cotton before we built our NexGen Poly. We have spent a year so far making certain our initial four products are predictable and consistent. We won’t rush it, but will be rolling out NexGen Poly as soon as development is complete and it has been approved by our beta-sites.
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