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I regularly have art where the black has halftone areas as well as solids. I currently run two separate screens with two different inks – one for halftones and one for the solids. Should I do the same when I run NexGen Black?
If you have extra capacity on your press, and your screen guy is bored, you CAN make 2 screens for NexGen Black… but you don’t have to. NexGen Black is the ONE INK… ONE SCREEN black ink. It is formulated for the proper fluid momentum to whistle through the screen and hold the sharpest dots up to 120 LPI, while still conforming to the knit of even the cheapest of shirts to provide smooth consistent solids. Make life easier on your screen guy, increase the capacity of your press, and make your press operator a happy man – use ONE INK… ONE SCREEN!
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You have customers on the forums claiming that your black won’t build up, I can print it 1st down, then white, then flash. Is this true?
We have been running our black first down, before white for about 6-months and have had one complaint about build-due to “the perfect storm” for build-up. Anyone familiar with a press can MAKE any ink build up. But under “typical” conditions, yes, you will find this to be absolutely true.
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My customers want black prints with that water-based look and feel, but I CAN’T AFFORD TO USE WATER-BASED! Can your NexGen Black give me that?
Absolutely! First we suggest that you keep your mesh counts in the same range as you would for water-based (180-420). Second, put the ink in the screen. You will now be able to give the customer the look he wants, with an ink that won’t dry in the screen. Everyone is happy!
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I have to make two passes with my black to get good saturation of the fibers, how about yours?
We haven’t seen any need to double hit NexGen Black even under the worst possible printing conditions. However we do have a customer who adds 10% MAGIC to NexGen Black in order to further reduce gloss and increase penetration to get “just the right look and feel.”
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My black ink never seems to clear my screen, and I often see a color / coverage variance as a result. Does your NexGen Black do the same thing?
The black you are currently using is very tacky. As such it won’t flow very far or very fast once it leaves the blade – CAN’T CLEAR THE MESH. NexGen Black will clean and clear better than all others and it will do so at top press speeds.
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My current black ink, and some of my darker colors (made with my current base) are wicking on my flashed UB, why?
You have a double whammy! The UB you are using is not ink-receptive and the black & base for the colors is thin but sticky, it resists attachment to any non-absorbent surface [think UB]. Keep the same mesh, blade and press settings, use NexGen Cotton, NexGen Black and stir-in 15% MAGIC to the colors; or use NexGen Base if you are mixing new colors. If possible reduce the flash temperature or speed up the press—NexGen loves to speed. The UB will matte-down better and leave a smooth, ink-loving surface and then the black and colors can hit & sit, right where you put them.
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NexGen Black Product Data Sheet (PDS)
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