Plastisol vs. Water-Based

Water-Based Inks are so much cheaper than Plastisol Inks – Why would I buy your plastisol?
Although Water-Based Inks are cheaper per gallon, they are RARELY cheaper per print. As you are aware, the cost of an ink per gallon is not the only issue. It is the cost per print that is significant; after all, you are selling each print at a given price, you’re not selling a volume of ink. The difficulty in setup, in-screen instability, and increased flash & cure times mean Water-Based Inks are in fact cost prohibitive. In fact, if you can’t print Water-Based Inks 93% as fast as you print plastisol, then you CAN’T AFFORD TO PRINT WATER-BASED.
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The environment and safety are both very important to me. I know Water-Based Inks are better for both than Plastisol Inks. How can I claim to be green & safety conscious if I use Plastisol Ink?
The reputation that Water-Based Inks are safer for the environment or humans is a complete misrepresentation. It is true, that water, in its purest form is obviously safer to the environment and your staff than plasticizer. However, in no way is the water in Water-Based the only contributing factor to safety. Many of the components in water-based ink are often times highly suspect with regards to environmental & toxicological safety.
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So if Water-Based Inks are not all they’re cracked up to be, when would I ever print with them?
There are two times where Water-Based Inks make sense for the printer. 1) If your customer requires it or 2) the desired aesthetics are such that can only be achieved with water-based then you MUST use Water-Based Inks. Otherwise, the financial, environmental, or safety implications are not often sufficient reasons to use water-based.
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