Synergy Inks

How are Synergy Inks different from other plastisol inks?
Synergy Inks differ greatly in their rheological (fluid) properties. That sounds great, but what does that mean on-press? It means the inks will clear any mesh count beautifully, with excellent matte-down, minimal fibrillation, and excellent hand & drape. The secret to all of these things is that Synergy Inks are the only inks designed specifically to print at high speed. Hi-speed printing allows the ink to form an ideal printed surface with optimal latitude on-press.
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What mesh do I need to make your inks work?
Every NexGen series ink is formulated for “plug-‘n-play!” You should see that by just changing the ink, our inks will outperform your current product. With that said, we would encourage you to continually seek to upgrade your press setup, as time allows, so that you may get even more out of our inks. When you find those tricks, we would love to hear them from you in the form of product reviews.
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I have heard that Synergy Inks print better fast - WHY?
Synergy Inks were designed to provide the highest quality on-shirt printed image at all stroke speeds. Nevertheless, the best way to get a high-quality print is to print the ink fast, so Synergy Inks print best when the print stroke is at or near the maximum press setting.
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You say I should print fast, but I have a new guy loading shirts and he can't keep up. What do I do?
Although a great advantage to printing fast is increased production, it may not be practical (given staffing and experience level) to crank up your production right now. You can still take advantage of the improved print quality by printing Synergy Inks fast by turning up the print stroke speed. Then you can adjust your press dwell time and index speed to accommodate your loader's ability. As they gain experience, you can increase your production to meet your stroke speed, and take advantage of both, while still getting the high speed quality of the ink.
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Our customers like a flat look, not that glossy game-jersey look. How are your inks with respect to gloss?
Good news, even in a thicker deposit, our inks maintain a flat or matte finish. Because all of our inks are low-gloss, you even get a matte finish on an overprint color (mixed with NexGen Base) printed on a NexGen Cotton underbase.
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My ink has that “waxy” feel, does yours?
There is a movie about “wax-on…” NexGen is “wax-off”! The speed and efficiency is pure plastisol but the finish looks an awful lot like water-based…even Cotton White.
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Can I print your inks on my manual press?
You will love the way NexGen inks print on a manual because they are not sticky. They will allow you to use a comfortable angle and with minimal pressure they will clear the screen perfectly.
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I find that my inks tend to gel in the screen. It happens all year round, but it gets to be a major headache in the summer time. Will this happen with your inks?
Unfortunately, we have yet to formulate an ink that defies the chemical laws of plastisol inks. That is to say, if you get ours hot enough, it will gel just like any other ink. However, we have managed to formulate inks that flash and cure at lower temperatures and faster than most, with significantly less hot-tack. As such, you can adjust your flash times & temperatures to keep your platens cooler and subsequently your ink cooler. That doesn’t mean it will never gel in the screen, but you can at least save those headaches for the hottest days of August only!
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In the winter time I put my plastisol on the edge of my dryer to help it flow, is this okay with the NexGen series?
NOPE! You are not the only one, but even if the frame of the dryer is flat, your ink is on a slippery-slope! We agree the ink is initially more fluid when warmed but we suggest an alternative method. NexGen series inks run at maximum flood and print speeds and “thinning-energy” is multiplied by the speed. Hand stir NexGen Inks for 2-minutes, put some in the screen, crank up the flood and print speeds but please don’t store our ink on the edge of the dryer!
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How much nylon bonding agent do I add to your [NexGen] inks?
NexGen inks don’t work on nylon, you can start with many of the other ink companies to find a source for nylon inks that will work for you.
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Every time we print royal or navy on a white UB, it mottles, do you have a fix?
Sure do, print NexGen Cotton through a 110 for a low fabric mass shirt, through a 305 for a high end shirt. Then add 10% to 15% MAGIC to your blue, back off the angle and pressure and have at it. If you are using a pigment system, make the blue with our NexGen Base and you can skip adding the MAGIC. Either way, this should get you the blue you are hoping for.
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